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Social (Bronze) Foxtrot Technique & Styling
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Social (Bronze) Foxtrot Technique & Styling

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David Hamilton, Olga Foraponova
Dance Vision
Running Time:
62 minutes
Release Date:


Learning a dance figure or pattern is just the beginning of learning to dance well. In this American Style Foxtrot video, David & Olga will teach you proper technique and styling including footwork, dance position, lead, follow, arm styling, and many of the other elements that will make you look, feel and dance better.

1) Poise, Posture & Position
2) Characteristics of the Dance - Springing Action
3) Characteristics of the Dance - Sway & Rotation
4) How to Create Good Footwork & Balance
5) Foxtrot Basics - Poise, Posture & Position
6) Side Sway & Box to Chasse - Sway
7) Twinkle - Rotation

Watch a sample clip of them dancing a Viennese Waltz:

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Member Reviews

Robert B. - August 8, 2013

My notes on the video:
* The guy is kind of wordy, but still manages to be vague as to what he means at times.
* More demonstration of Springing Action would be good, and some warnings of things to avoid, rather than just (vaguely) what to do. I’m still not sure whether he was saying that the slow-slow of the basic step should have any vertical motion in it, and the demonstrations seemed to do it both with and without. (grumble)
* It sometimes seems like they're filling time. It could be that the guy's trying to convey a feeling, rather than logical content, so he says things that have a "feel" to them. If you listen closely for the actual content of a sentence, at times there is little or none (i.e., some sentences can’t be summarized, because it was all style, with little or no content). Since much of the DVD is aimed at leads, who are generally guys (and thus generally logic- and content-focused), I don't think this is a plus; it might be more appropriate as a part of a pep-talk before a performance, but for a guy trying to figure out what to do or what to avoid, it can be frustratingly nebulous. (It could also be that they were trying to fill an hour, and just didn’t have enough material.)
Summary: For a DanceVision video, I was disappointed. There was little solid content for an hour-long video. Most intermediate dancers will probably find little new material for them, and most beginners will probably be frustrated by the lack of clarity in the teaching. I think the "Anyone Can Dance: Foxtrot" video (with Donald Johnson and Kasia Kozak, also by DanceVision) would be a better choice, since it would probably convey as much or more technique (while also teaching 8 or so moves to both guys and girls). (I think the Anyone Can Dance series is probably the best series for beginners that I have seen. I just expected this video to deliver much more theory and technique.)
As always: I recommend that you take what you learn from a video and try it out in a studio, with an instructor to help correct any parts you didn't get (whether you realized it or not). And if you really like a video, buy a copy, to further support and encourage the video makers!

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