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Wedding Dance Instruction - Foxtrot, Blues & Swing
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Wedding Dance Instruction - Foxtrot, Blues & Swing

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Daniel Newsome, Tiffiny Wine
Motion Lifestyle
Absolute Beginner, Beginner
Wedding Dance
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129 minutes
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Get ready for your wedding dances with three easy lessons. Daniel Newsome and Tiffiny Wine will take you through the basics of Foxtrot, Blues, and Swing – specifically to prepare you for wedding dances. You will learn the basics as well as fun tricks and dips that are sure to impress on the dance floor.

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Member Reviews

LJH- August 4, 2017

Daniel and Tiffany present here their versions of three common dances that you could dance at your wedding: Foxtrot, Blues, and Swing. Of course, you might also be interested in Waltz, Salsa and West Coast Swing, or, Cha-Cha, Rumba, and Tango…

Anyway, of the three presented here Swing is probably the easiest to learn and most useful – it can be danced to a lot of “Foxtrot” music and even some blues. And, they don’t do a bad job of demonstrating it here, plus, the DVD overall is well indexed so you can easily see each segment within each dance you’re interested in...

Problem is – besides all the dance choices and more already noted – there are better DVDs (more demonstrations, more practice dances) on each dance available, and, it’s unlikely two beginners would get enough out of these to be really happy with the results. Daniel (Newsome) has several good Lindy DVDs and Blues DVDs you could rent on Danceflix, and Rusty Frank’s “Swing” series is very good for first timers… And, so on…

Probably the best use of this DVD would be a couple who wanted this kind of music - Frank Sinatra, Muddy Waters, Buddy Holley – at their wedding, and, one half of the engaged couple already knows the dances… Yeah… It’s a lot easier, as a couple, to watch and discuss a dance lesson seen together than it is to have “the know it all” start teaching the “can’t-get-away” newbie everything they (think) they know.

This disc wouldn’t be such a bad introduction to weekly classes, or, a supplement to classes that you are taking together. The information is good, but there’s no way to cover everything (or, probably, “enough”) about three dances in one two-hour DVD and, of course, there’s no one to go to for help if you get stuck on a step or move...

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