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Girl Jam with Sharon Davis
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Girl Jam with Sharon Davis

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Kevin St. Laurent, Sharon Davis
Beginner, Intermediate
East Coast Swing, Exotic, Lindy Hop
Running Time:
75 minutes
Release Date:


This is a DVD for swing girls! It includes swing out technique for followers, a section on swivels and twists, some fancy footwork variations for your swing out, plus a jazz routine in high heels just for ladies. This DVD includes material for all levels, including swingout technique for followers, swivels and styling variations, a solo charleston routine, and more.

Contents include:

Swingout Salon – hear Sharon’s philosophy on the Lindy Hop swingout, and answer the most common questions for follower. Swivelicious – learn how to swivel, and how to make your swivels your own. Discover the Laws of Swivels, and learn four fancy swivel variations for your swingout. Charleston in High Heels – an unabashedly feminine solo Charleston routine, designed to show off your legs! Intermediate to advanced steps by famous flappers and glamorous starlets, including Ginger Rogers, Mitzi Mayfair, Joan Crawford and Eleanor Powell.

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Member Reviews

LJH - November 4, 2016

The practicality of this DVD is undersold in the Danceflix description.

Instead of being mere “flash” the two Lindy parts are extremely useful to Follows wanting to fill in the gaps in their learning about “what to do and when.”

Yes, the two Lindy parts, consisting of basically the Swing Out and “girls” Swivels, are great for the Follows, but they’re are also very practical for Lindy Leads who either didn’t know their options in leading, or, need some “back up” to say to their partner,

“See, I thought so… And, she seems nice… Let’s try it her way…”

Unfortunately, most of the content is presented almost like a TED talk and there are no breaks in the lecture where Sharon stops and says, “Now, try starting like this on “2.””

No, but she does go from one good point to another to outline good practice for Follows – and Leads. Things like, “The Lead can start you on 1, 2, or, any point short of 3…” And, “When you get to the 8, you need to be here, not there, every time.” I’m paraphrasing, but with her examples – and there are many – you can’t help but get the right idea(s).

The long “lecture” on Lindy Hop generalities runs about 30 minutes. Take notes, I guess. The Swivelicious Lindy Hop section is shorter, but in your notes you’ll see she covers all the usual variations in “girl’s” swivels by both explaining them fully and showing them clearly. If you want a private class on these (And who doesn’t?) then here you are. Enjoy.

The Charleston part of the DVD, “Charleston in Heels,” is the “Crackerjack prize” of the DVD. I think Sharon just loves Charleston and threw this in to get others to love it too… It’s not so much a “how to” thing as a “you too” thing. She gets going and you start thinking, “You know, she makes it look pretty cool. I could try that.”

Kevin St. Laurent as “the lead” here is a nice “Crackerjack sir-prize” too. Leads can learn a lot about style just watching him glide Sharon through her examples. That, kids, is a pretty nice way to dance – you know he’s there, but look at that girl! And, he doesn’t say much on the DVD either; it’s Sharon’s show and the focus in on the Follows.

Yay --- Follows!

A very nice effort – the kind of good general description of the Follow’s side of things that probably ever Lindy Hopper should see at least once. Too bad it’s in lecture style - if it were indexed where you could jump into and out of particular moves, it’d be a “5.”

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