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World of Swing DVD #4 - Dean Collins Shim Sham
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World of Swing DVD #4 - Dean Collins Shim Sham

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Barbl Kaufer, Marcus Koch
Intermediate, Advanced
East Coast Swing
Running Time:
114 minutes
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What Is Dean Collins Shim Sham Version? The Shim Sham originated as a tap dance choreographed by Leonard Reed and Willie Bryant in 1928. Intended for a show finale that could be done by all the performers, it was adopted by many dancers and became one of the most well-known and wide-spread routines of all time. You may be familiar with the tap version or the non-tap version that Frankie Manning made popular teaching at many swing dance camps and workshops all over the world. The Dean Collins version of the Shim Sham is also a non-tap version based on the original Shim Sham with spiced up footwork and additional steps extending the routine. Dean Collins was the most influential Lindy Hop dancer on the West Coast and played an essential role in bringing the New York style of Swing dancing to the West Coast in 1938. If you want to improve your dancing we highly recommend learning and practicing Dean's Shim Sham routine. The steps and transitions might be a bit tricky, but you won't improve by doing only the things that come easily! They will break everything down so that you can be part of the group the next time when Dean's Shim Sham is called.

Marcus & Bärbl have been teaching classes and workshops in more than 15 countries all over the world. They were given the prestigious Feather Award in 1996 and 1997, and the International Dance Teacher Award in 2002. Among their many competition titles are: World Champions, three times World Vice Champions, US Open Champions and Rock n Socks Marathon Champions. They are also the organizers of the World famous Rock That Swing Festival in Munich, Germany.

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Member Reviews

LJH - Sept. 28, 2015

"If" you want to learn Dean Collins version of the Shim Sham, I don't think you can do any better than this. Marcus and Barbl teach this series of steps in ten "blocks" with a lot of time spent in each and every detail. It's a huge job for short dance. I know the Frankie Manning version (shorter, easier, socially ubiquitous) and even have Frankie and Erin's tape of it; reviewing the content here improved my performance of some of "Frankie's" steps. For a beginner, this Dean Collin's version might not be of much immediate value. More experienced dancers might want this DVD just to expand their "step knowledge" further. What might make it worth a lot, for anybody, is the long history section provided. They interview the creator of the Shim Sham himself, and hear his own words about how the dance came about and where it went from there. For dedicated Swing dancers, that alone is worth the price of admission...

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