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World of Swing DVD #11 - Master Trick Steps For Dolls, Part 2
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World of Swing DVD #11 - Master Trick Steps For Dolls, Part 2

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Barbl Kaufer, Marcus Koch
Intermediate, Advanced
East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop
Running Time:
54 minutes
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Master Trick Steps are those crazy, eye-catching steps great dancers use in jams and performances when they truly dance to impress. To master those steps you need to practice and need to learn the techniques that makes these difficult moves look so easy. This video is part of the Master Trick Steps. Part 1 is trick steps for guys and part 2 is trick steps for girls. To really benefit from this video you should have swing dance experience. Be aware that some moves are quite demanding on your body. You don t have to be an athlete, but you should be in good physical condition.

Marcus & Bärbl have been teaching classes and workshops in more than 15 countries all over the world. They were given the prestigious Feather Award in 1996 and 1997, and the International Dance Teacher Award in 2002. Among their many competition titles are: World Champions, three times World Vice Champions, US Open Champions and Rock n Socks Marathon Champions. They are also the organizers of the World famous Rock That Swing Festival in Munich, Germany.

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Member Reviews

LJH - July 23, 2017

Master Trick Steps for (Swing) Guys and Dolls, Disc 1 and 2.

These two discs cover about two-dozen “moves” which are beyond basic “turn the girl - move the guy over there” swing dancing. These aren’t suitable for people who do a laborious “step, step, rock step” as they dance. They’re more for people who’ve danced so long and so well that they’ve already started doing some of these “advanced” moves – and it’s best suited for those who’ve already gotten started and done well.

There’s a plain emphasis in the early going on both discs on being warmed up, on doing some useful flex drills, and of never doing things that might get you hurt. They cover some brief warm-up exercises; then say a few words about clothes and shoes; and later on mention “details” like Marcus is wearing knee pads under his loose fitting pants… To their shoulder and head exercises, etc., I’d add being able to easily do pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, side planks, squats, etc… But, that’s another DVD…

Not mentioned at all are a few things that would be good to know if you want to dance like Marcus and Barbl… For instance, they met because Marcus was looking for a partner to do a particular move – which required “the girl” to hold him upside down for a bit – and Barbl was able to fill the bill --- on day one. Strong lady… Also not mentioned is that the floor in the video is slicker than most you’ll find in the real world, and properly sprung to absorb a lot of the energy generated in such moves.

Disc 1 is billed as “Guy’s” moves and Disc 2, as “Gals.” But, the notion that there’s a strictly Guy’s set of moves and a Girl’s set of moves on each DVD would be mistaken; both sides usually have to learn and play well together to do the moves well - and safely. The end result may draw an audience’s eyes more to the guy or the gal, but, as usual, it still takes two to tango - and to do swing aerials…

The “Guy’s” moves themselves, like “Guy’s free spin,” “Rubber Legs,” are often easy, but fun, while others, like “the Elvis,” or, the “Fly High” look like fun but can be “expensive” to do – both in practice and on the dance floor. Pick and chose what you might want to “get away with” rather than just go down the list without thinking….

The “Girl’s” dvd offers a similar range of “easy” and “hard” moves, most of which rely on “the guy” to lead them and do them correctly. The main difference between the two discs is often the guy doing something “flashy” on his own while the girl has wait to be lead to do something that the guy, probably, gets too much credit for... Watch Barbl zoom back on her feet after Marcus leads the “Thread the Needle”; Barbl peddles furiously to pop back up, but Marcus gets most of “the credit” for getting her back on her feet.

If you’ve seen other Marcus and Barbl DVDs then you know their style is often lighthearted, but usually on point. They joke around a little less on these DVDs than others, but you’ll have to be patient here and there as you rewind to see things again. At least once you “get the idea” you’ll be “trying” more than watching...

Again, this isn’t a beginner’s disc so they don’t spend time on “basics” but they do show, explain, and review the patterns well enough for seasoned dancers to follow along fairly easily and pick up what’s being taught. These moves are, however, harder than they look, so be careful… They don’t get around to a “spotter” on camera until the second disc, nor do they start you practicing on a padded floor – but for many of these moves you should.

Not listed on Danceflix, but here are most the moves taught – some you know already:


Open Rubber Legs
Foot Hug
Guy’s Free Spin
The Elvis
Knee Slide
6-Count Whip
8-Count Whip
Running Ralph
The Hurdle
The Floor Sweeper
The Fly High


Tandem Whip and Spin
The Tango
The Double Tango
The Lasso with Fall Back
Fall Back and Diver
Shake Well
Thread the Needle
The Double Hook
The Catapult
The Refusal
Stop Slop

Plenty to chose from here.

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